Fast, Composable Rescue Mission Planning for UAV’s using Metric Temporal Logic

Fast, Composable Rescue Mission Planning for UAV’s using Metric Temporal Logic

Title : Fast, Composable Rescue Mission Planning for UAV's using Metric Temporal Logic
Authors :
Baras, John S.
Fiaz, Usman A.

Conference : 21st International Federation of Automatic Control 2020 (IFAC) pp. 15613-15620 , Berlin
Date: July 12 - July 17, 2020

Abstract: We present a hybrid compositional approach for real-time mission planning for multi-rotor unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in a time critical search and rescue scenario. Starting with a known environment, we specify the mission using Metric Temporal Logic (MTL) and use a hybrid dynamical model to capture the various modes of UAV operation. We then divide the mission into several sub-tasks by exploiting the invariant nature of safety and timing constraints along the way, and the different modes (i.e., dynamics) of the UAV. For each sub-task, we translate the MTL specifications into linear constraints and solve the associated optimal control problem for desired path, using a Mixed Integer Linear Program (MILP) solver. The complete path for the mission is constructed recursively by composing the individual optimal sub-paths. We show by simulations that the resulting suboptimal trajectories satisfy the mission specifications, and the proposed approach leads to significant reduction in computational complexity of the problem, making it possible to implement in real-time.

Keywords: Flying robots, mission planning and decision making, safety, trajectory and path
planning, optimal control of hybrid systems

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