Controller Placement in SDN-enabled 5G Satellite-Terrestrial Networks

Controller Placement in SDN-enabled 5G Satellite-Terrestrial Networks

Title : Controller Placement in SDN-enabled 5G Satellite-Terrestrial Networks
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Conference : 2021 IEEE Global Communications Conference (Globecom 2021) , Madrid, Spain
Date: December 07 - December 11, 2021

SDN-enabled Integrated satellite-terrestrial networks (ISTNs), can provide several advantages including global seamless coverage, high reliability, low latency, etc. and can be a key enabler towards next generation networks. To deal with the complexity of the control and management of the integrated network, leveraging the concept of software-defined networking (SDN) will be helpful.  In this regard, the SDN controller placement problem in SDNenabled ISTNs becomes of paramount importance.  In this paper, we formulate an optimization problem for the SDN controller placement with the objective of minimizing the  average failure probability of SDN control paths to ensure the SDN switches receive the instructions in the most reliable fashion.  Simultaneously, we aim at deploying the SDN controllers close to the satellite gateways to ensure the connection between the two layers occurs with the lowest latency. We first model the problem
as a mixed integer linear program (MILP). To reduce the time complexity of the MILP model, we use submodular optimization techniques to generate near-optimal solutions in a time-efficient
manner. Finally, we verify the effectiveness of our approach by means of simulation, showing that the approximation method results in a reasonable optimality gap with respect to the exact MILP solution.

Index Terms—Integrated satellite-terrestrial network, SDN controller
placement, submodular optimization, mixed integer programming.

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